User Roles and Permissions

We define a User as someone who accesses the Axele Web App. For example, a User is an Admin, Accountant, Dispatcher, etc. Drivers are created in a different section. Learn more here: Create Driver – Axele Help Center.


Only Admins can add or remove a user from Axele.


To add a user, go to Settings > Users > Create New User (as shown below):


These are the different roles and permissions for each available user:


Roles Permission
Owner Admin Can manage the account and subscriptions for the organization
Admin Can perform any action within the system and have exclusive permissions to create and/or remove any asset within Axele
Integration actions with different ELDs and load boards are exclusive to admin users
Accountant Can perform all the accounting tasks such as:
– Back office tasks
– Driver settlements for completed loads
– Can view financing
Note: They cannot create a load or assign it to a driver (no dispatching operations)
Dispatcher The forefront of operations
Can perform tasks such as:
– Create loads
– Assigning loads to drivers
Note: They cannot view financing or invoicing details
Power Dispatcher A combination between an accountant and a dispatcher
Note: They cannot add a user, tractor, or other assets in the system like an Admin can
Driver Can only login to the mobile app (no have access to the web application)


Here are the detailed permissions of all the features for each user:


Group Permissions Admin Dispatcher Accountant Power Dispatcher Driver
Dashboard View Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Quick Setup Guide View Yes        
Import Data View Yes        
Driver View Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  Edit Yes Yes   Yes  
  Preferences Yes Yes   Yes  
Loads View Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  Add/Edit Yes Yes   Yes  
  Remove Yes        
  Quote Remove Yes Yes   Yes  
  Update Status (Invoicing not included) Yes Yes   Yes  
  Invoicing Yes   Yes Yes  
  Cancellation Yes Yes   Yes  
Time Off Create/Update/Remove Yes Yes   Yes  
Invoice Create/Remove/Edit Yes   Yes Yes  
Driver Settlement Create/Remove/Edit Yes   Yes Yes  
Documents Create/Remove/Edit Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Customer Create/Remove/Edit Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Locations Create/Remove/Edit Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Assets View Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  Add/Remove/Edit Yes        
Tractor/Trailer Status change to “Unavailable” Yes        
  Assign and reassign to a driver Yes Yes   Yes  
Driver/User profile View Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  Add/Remove/Edit Yes        
Driver Payment Terms View Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  Add/Remove/Edit Yes   Yes Yes  
Integrations View Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  Add/Remove/Edit Yes        
Preferences View/Add/Remove/Edit Yes   Yes Yes  
Reports View Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Mobile All actions         Yes


Ready to create your drivers? Click here to learn how: Create Driver – Axele Help Center.