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Driver Preferences



Axele creates routes and trip plans for your drivers according to these preferences, so make sure these are accurate! These are preferences that would apply to all drivers. However, a driver can have unique preferences as well.

Customizing Preferences for All Drivers

The driver preferences can be set for all drivers by navigating to Settings > Preferences > click the Drivers tab > click Edit on the General Preferences card (see Image 1 below).

undefined-Apr-29-2022-01-07-27-26-PMImage 1

Customizing Preferences for Specific Drivers

From the mobile app, a driver can tap the menu icon at the top left of the screen, then tap Preferences (see Image 2 below).

From the web app, go to Operations > Driver Dispatches > select the driver > click the Preferences tab > click Edit on the General Preferences card (see Image 3 below).

Image 2


Image 3

General Preferences Options

The table below lists all preferences that can be configured for your drivers.

Preference Details
Use Sleeper Berth Provision Set to No by default
Ignore HOS Restrictions Select Yes if your operation supports team drivers
DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) Preference Decide when your driver should submit this report: Pre Trip or None
Work Week Type 60 hours/7 days 70 hours/8 days 70 hours/7 days (Texas)
Preferred Truckstops Loves
Pilot Flying J
TA Petro
Government rest areas