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Driver App- Registration


Activate your Account

Once the admin creates a driver profile and sends the invitation, the driver will receive an invitation email with the subject "You have been invited to Axele" to create a login password and start using the driver mobile app as shown below.

The driver should click the 'Activate Your Account' link in order to create the login password and activate their account as shown below.

Please note the Company Unique Identifier/DOT as shown below which will be required to login to the application.

Once the account is created successfully, you will receive a message as shown below.

Install Axele Driver Mobile Application

If you are an iOS user, please go to iOS App Store and install "Axele" app with the logo as shown below.

If you are an Android user, please go to Google Play Store and install "Axele by Optym" app with the logo as shown below.

Sign into Driver Application

Once the app is installed, please enter your DOT, Email, Password and click "Sign In"

Once the driver is logged in, the driver details page will include estimated weekly earnings etc. as shown below.