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In this article

    1. Overview

    2. Creation of Maintenance Records

        2.1 From Maintenance History

        2.2 From Maintenance Records of the Assets

    3. Actions performed on Maintenance Records

        3.1 Edit or Delete

        3.2 Bulk Actions

        3.3 Filter Records

        3.4 Export to Excel

        3.5 Custom List view


Tractors and Trailers need to be repaired periodically after a certain period of time-based on the parts of the Asset.

For the proper management of tractor and trailer maintenance, you can store all the historical maintenance records for compliance proof by going through Maintenance-> Maintenance History or Maintenance Records of individual tractors or trailers.

Creation of Maintenance Record

There are two ways to create a Maintenance Record 

    1. From the Maintenance History feature of Maintenance

    2. From the Maintenance Records tab of Tractor or Trailer

Creating Maintenance Records from Maintenance History

To create a Maintenance Record, please go to Maintenance> Maintenance History> Create New Record as shown below.

After clicking on Create New Record, you can see a pop-up as shown below.

(i) Select the Asset as either Tractor or Trailer
(ii) Enter details such as Tractor ID, Completion date of record, and Odometer which are mandatory.
(iii) You can also enter details like Vendor Name, and add any specific notes or you can drag and drop or browse any file related to the record.
(iv) Select the required Maintenance Items from the drop-down
(v) You can add the expense amount which is non-mandatory
(vi) Once you have entered all the details, click on the "Create" option.

You can find all the Maintenance records of all the assets from the Maintenance Record list view from Maintenance History as shown below.

Creating Maintenance Records from the Assets

To create a maintenance record from a specific tractor or trailer, please go to Assets> Click on Tractor/ Trailer> Maintenance Records> Create New Record as shown below.

By default, Asset ID will be entered based on the asset selected, please enter all the other details just like the way you entered while creating records under Maintenance> Maintenance History shown above.

To find the Maintenance Records for a specific tractor or trailer, please go to Assets> Tractors or Trailers> Maintenance Records as shown below.

Actions performed on Maintenance Records

Edit or Delete Maintenance Records

You can edit or delete the Maintenance Record by selecting the vertical dots icon from the extreme right as shown below.

You can sort the Maintenance Records by clicking on any column titles by ID, Equipment, etc.

Bulk Actions

By selecting multiple records, you can delete bulk maintenance records by clicking on Bulk Actions> Delete as shown below.

Filter Maintenance Records

Click on the Funnel button at the top right of the screen as shown below and filter maintenance records using either Asset type or Maintenance item as shown below.

Export to Excel

You can use the "Export to Excel" feature as shown below to export all the maintenance records to an excel file.

Custom List View

In the Maintenance Records List view, you can choose which column to show or hide by selecting Column titles as shown below.

You can use the "Reset All" feature as shown above to reset the list view of records.

All the actions mentioned above will be applicable to the Maintenance Records list view inside the specific tractor or trailer.