Use this integration to search for and book loads directly on the Loadsmart load board without having to leave Axele. Once the load has been created and in progress within Axele, the location and load events are automatically shared to the Loadsmart portal.


To use this integration, you must have an active account with Loadsmart, and know the associated MC and/or DOT number.

Integration Steps

Ready to integrate? Please follow these steps:

  1. Create a Customer called “Loadsmart” within Axele, unless it exists already
    1. This is an extremely important step, allowing you to book loads successfully
    2. Customers > Customers > Create New Customer > make sure the name is exactly “Loadsmart”
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Load Boards
  3. Select the Loadsmart card
  4. Enter the MC and/or DOT associated with your load board subscription to verify your account
    1. If the Loadsmart account is valid, the integration will be successful and you can review the Load Selection Workflow to learn how to search for loads on Loadsmart
    2. If the Loadsmart account is not valid, please contact your Loadsmart representative and complete any necessary requirements.
      1. Once your account is valid, go back into Axele (Settings > Integrations > Load Boards > Loadsmart card) and click the Check Approval button to complete the integration

Load Selection Workflow

Once you are integrated, follow these steps to find and book loads from within Axele:

  1. Operations > Driver Dispatches > select a driver
  2. Within the Smart Timeline tab, click Find Load an available gap in time to be taken to the Load Selection Assistant
  3. Making sure the Loadsmart card is selected, fill out the search fields as needed to perform your search on the load board
  4. Review the loads, select your choice, and click Assign to book the load and pull it from the Loadsmart load board

Once the load is booked on Loadsmart using Axele, all the load locations and events will automatically sync between Axele and Loadsmart.