Load Tracking


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    1. Overview
    2. Generating and Sharing the Link
    3. Tracking Page


Give your customers a true white glove experience and cut down on inbound check calls asking for the load status! This feature allows you to share a link that provides live updates on loads that are marked as In Progress, so anyone can follow along.

Generating and Sharing the Link

Follow these steps to generate the link:

  1. Go to Operations > Loads > and select a load that is In Progress (this will open the Load Detail page)
  2. Click the white Share Tracking button at the top right of the page (see Image 1 below) to copy the tracking link to your clipboard
  3. Share this link with your customer

Your customer will have access to a page similar to Image 2 below until the load is marked as Completed.

Once your customer has this link, they can refresh the page to pull in the latest updates of the load.

undefined-Apr-28-2022-09-29-43-70-PM-1Image 1

undefined-Apr-28-2022-09-29-40-80-PM-1Image 2

Tracking Page

The Tracking Page supplies your customer with an overview of the load.

This page is divided into two sections. The top provides a summary of the load (see Image 3 below), and the bottom is a map view (see Image 4 below).

undefined-Apr-28-2022-09-29-44-59-PM-1Image 3

undefined-Apr-28-2022-09-29-40-34-PM-1Image 4