Integration FAQs

How do I get the integration ID details for my or DAT account for Axele?

For, please contact your sales representative to get your integration ID.

For DAT, please contact your DAT representative and request them to allow API integrations. Once the API integration is allowed on your credentials, you can configure your DAT account in Axele and start using it.

You can also connect with us at 1-833-AXELE-01 or and we can assist you.

What is the lag time between my ELD data and the data shown on Axele?

The lag time between your ELD data and Axele depends largely on the frequency at which the given ELD provider publishes its data, which is typically every 15 minutes. If you see the data on Axele is not correct due to lag time, you can update the HOS data manually as well.

Are the search results from and DAT filtered out and are they current? How are they sorted?

A search performed on and DAT is on the most current data based on the inputs provided by the user. Once the search is made, the data will hold until it is refreshed. To refresh, click the button on the top right-hand corner of the load selection screen.

If the screen has been opened for a long time, click the refresh button to make sure you are pulling the latest info. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any progress you have made during the load selection process.

Can Axele integrate with other load boards in addition to those listed on your website?

Please send an email to with what load boards you would like Axele to be integrated with and we will be pleased to check out for you.

Can Axele integrate with other ELDs in addition to those listed on your website?

Axele is already integrated with most ELD providers. If your ELD provider is not integrated with Axele, please let us know by sending an email to with the name of your ELD provider and we will be happy to consider.