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Import Data

Axele allows you to import your data from an Excel file. Currently, we accept XLS and XLSX file types.

Here are the categories you can import:

  1. Customers (shippers and brokers)
  2. Locations (pickups and drop-offs)
  3. Drivers
  4. Tractors
  5. Trailers
  6. Loads
  7. Expenses (fuel and tolls) – please make sure that the names of drivers, tractors, and trailers match the corresponding name in your data file

You can also import the data from the individual pages of Customers, Locations, Drivers, Tractors, Trailers, Loads, and Expenses using the Import Data button on the top right of each page.

You can import all your data directly from the Quick Setup Guide section, or within each of these pages within Axele. To quickly get to the guide, click the question mark at the top right of Axele and click Quick Setup Guide.


Once you are there, click the Import button.

image-png-May-02-2022-02-35-27-13-PM-1Clicking Import will allow you to complete the process by following these steps:

  1. Upload the file
  2. Extract and review
  3. Import results

Step 1: Upload File

  1. Select the data type to upload
  2. Download the sample file (every file type has a different sample file)
  3. Make sure your data is added correctly to the sample file
  4. Browse to the data file or just drag and drop it on the popup (you should be able to see the file name imported)
  5. Click Next


Step 2: Extract and Review

The data imported in Step 1 is validated and shown on this screen for you to review. You can see the total number of records extracted in this step, as well as validate your data matches correctly to the columns.


Step 3: Import Results

This is the final step to storing the data in Axele. Click on Done to complete the process!

If there are errors, there will be a link for you to download an error report.