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    1. Home Screen

    2. Assigned Loads

    3. Scheduling Time-Off

    4. Payments

Home Screen

Once you are inside the application, you can find your expected earnings for the present week as well as Dispatcher details as shown below.

You can assign an available tractor or trailer by clicking on the "+" symbol adjacent to the Tractor or Trailer below the dispatcher's details and clicking on the drop-down button as shown below.

Assigned Loads

You can find the current Load just below the Tractor or Trailer section on the Home Screen.

You can also find Planned/ Assigned Loads by clicking on Assigned Loads at the bottom right of the screen and selecting PLANNED as shown below.

You can find Completed Loads by clicking on Assigned Loads at the bottom right of the screen and selecting COMPLETED as shown below.

Scheduling Time-off

A driver can schedule time off from within the Axele mobile app, so they are not assigned loads when they are unavailable.

1) Please click on "Assigned Loads" at the bottom left of the screen.

2) Click on "Request Time off" as shown in Figure 1.

3) Enter Time-Off Location, Start Date and Time, End Date and Time after which Off Duty Duration will be automatically created, and click Create to schedule a Time-Off as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1

Figure 2

You can edit or delete the time-off by clicking on the pencil symbol or trash symbol respectively as shown below.


You can click on the PAYMENTS button in the bottom right of the screen to know your Pending Payments and Settlement Reports. 

Please click on the arrow mark adjacent to Pending Payments or Settlement Reports and click on "View Details" to know your earnings for the Load.

Figure 1

Figure 2