Dispatcher Commission

Dispatcher Commission is the payment given to a Dispatcher for dispatching activity of Loads. 

When a load is completed, Dispatcher Commission expense is calculated based on the dispatcher's payment terms.

We will discuss how to add Dispatcher's payment terms, calculate Dispatcher Commission for a Load and how to generate the dispatcher settlement within this article.

Configure Dispatcher's Payment/Commission Terms

To add Dispatcher Commission, go to Settings > Users > Select the User > Payment Terms Tab. You will see the Payment Terms tab of your dispatcher as below.


Click on "Add Line Item", which will allow you to configure and add your line item as shown below. You can add multiple Line items as needed.


There are two different Line items available for a Dispatcher

    1) Flat Rate- Fixed payment on each load
    2) Revenue Share- Payment based on percentage share of the load linehaul revenue

Automatic Calculation of Dispatcher Commission for a Load

When the load is completed, Axele automatically calculates the dispatcher commission based on the payment terms explained in Step 1.

Follow these steps to verify the dispatcher commission for a given load:

Go to Loads > Select a load > Click on the Financials tab > Verify Dispatcher Commission


Modify the settlement of a load by either editing any existing pay items or clicking on Add Line Item as shown above.

To recalculate the commission based on the payment terms and invoice Line item, click on the Dollar ($) icon as shown below.


Create and Finalize the Dispatcher Commission

When you are ready to create a dispatcher commission, begin by following the steps below: Click Accounting > Dispatcher Commissions > Make sure you are on the Pending Dispatcher Payments tab > select the dispatcher to view all pending payments for that selected dispatcher.

Below the dispatcher's name at the top left of the page, you can see the Commission Total.

Select the Loads, click on the "Create New Commission" at the top right of the page.


Select the start and end period of the commission and click Create to complete the commission.


Your commission will now appear as In Review within the web app and from here, you have the option to preview, download, or email the commission to your dispatcher.


Once the payment to the dispatcher is made, then click on Finalize at the top right to close the commission.


You can find Dispatcher Commissions report under "Commission Reports" section as shown below. You can apply filters using Start Date, End Date, Dispatcher as well as state of the Commission like In Review or Closed.