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Driver Dispatch Gantt Chart


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Location within the web app: Operations > Driver Dispatches

The Driver Dispatch Gantt chart gives an overview of the timeline and workload of all your drivers for the current and following week. In one glance, you can know:

  1. All the drivers and the current loads being hauled by them
  2. Driver loads which may get delayed
  3. Future loads
  4. Driver time off
  5. Drivers who are moving empty and need a load now



You can also track the current locations of the driver on a map. Click the toggle at the top right of the page to switch to this view. All routing within Axele is provided by Trimble MAPS.


Load and Time Details

Hovering on any bar on the Gantt chart gives you an overview of the load being carried by the driver, details of a driver’s time off, or an overview of the available time period. In case of empty movement, it also gives information like the destination of the driver, remaining duty/shift time, etc.

Current load details

Future load details

Scheduled time off details


Clicking a bar of a load will take you to that particular load.

There are various color codes that we use to signify different types of loads and available times.

Dark Green Completed Load
Light Green Current Load
Blue Future Load
Grey Scheduled time off
White Time available
Orange Needs load soon
Red Needs load now

These color codes are defined at the bottom left of the screen on this page within Axele for your convenience:


For example, hovering over the red bar means that the driver is in immediate need of a load. Hovering will also provide additional information about that load or time block.


The warning icon to the right of the driver’s name indicates whether there is any potential delay for the loads assigned to that driver. It can also warn you if the driver needs a load, or any assignment issues.



There are several filters along the top of the page to help you view the most relevant data. Filter by a particular driver list, primary dispatcher, employment type (Owner Operator and Employee), and operation type (local, regional, etc.).


You can also choose to filter all the drivers using the advance filtering option as shown below.