Axele’s dashboard provides you with an overview of your company’s financial and operational performance.

If you would like to hide the financial section for non-admin users, go to Settings > Preference > Company > Dashboard Preferences and change Hide Financial KPIs for Non-admin Users to Yes. Please see the image below.


The dashboard has two main sections:

Weekly Financial Performance for Company

This section provides an overview of the revenue earned for the current week compared to the targeted revenue. We also provide an overview of revenue per total mile, and various other data points, such as loaded miles, empty miles, empty miles compared to total miles, revenue per driver, and revenue per loaded mile.

You can set targets for many of these data points. To set these targets, go to Settings > Preferences > Dashboard Preferences.


This section has two views: Actual and Projected. Toggle between the two at the top right of this card. The Actual view shows data related to loads that have been completed, while the Projected view shows data related to loads that have yet to be completed.


Revenue is added to the current week if the load is completed in the current week. If the load got picked up in the current week and delivered the following week, then the load revenue will be calculated in the next week.

Operational Summary

This section is divided into three categories: Loads, Financial, and Drivers in Operations. Clicking on any number reported will take you to that filtered list.


This contains the load summary that may need a user’s attention. For example, a dispatcher can quickly see any loads that may have a potential delay or loads that may need to be assigned.


This section contains categories relevant to the accountant. For example, the accountant can quickly see the list of loads with an invoice more than 30 days old, or any loads where documents are needed.

Drivers in Operations

This section provides lists related to your drivers. For example, a dispatcher can go here to view all drivers with time off, or those that need a load now.