Create Tractor

You can add your tractors to Axele from the Quick Setup Guide section by importing the tractor's data. You can also import the data within the Assets > Tractors section by clicking on the ‘Import Tractors’ button.

To add a tractor manually, go to Assets > Tractors> Create New Tractor


Enter all the details of the tractor within the popup and then click 'Save'.


You can select "Automate Settlement Calculations" feature as "Yes" which will automate calculations of tractor settlement on load and recurring payment/deductions. 


There are different statuses of Tractors as below:

Status Description Next Action
Unavailable Tractor is unavailable to assign to a Driver -Mark as Available 
Available Tractor is available to assign to a Driver -Assign to Driver
-Mark as Unavailable
Assigned Tractor is assigned to a driver -Mark as Available

You cannot remove a tractor if it is assigned to any Driver

You can click on the gear icon towards the right side of the tractor to perform next action based on the status of the Tractor


You can edit Tractor details by clicking on "Edit Tractor" feature as shown below.


You can edit Additional Info like Registration, Insurance, Ownership Info, Other Info and Location Tracking by going through Additional Info feature and edit respective data as shown below.


Maintenance Records

You can create a new maintenance record of the tractor by clicking on "Create New Record" option under "Maintenance Records" to add Preventative Maintenance Record (Scheduling Tractor & Trailer Preventative Maintenance – Axele Help Center)


Filter Tractors

By default, Tractors are filtered with Available and Assigned Status, you can also select Unavailable Status.

You can also filter Tractors using Preventative Maintenance feature, please go through Scheduling Tractor & Trailer Preventative Maintenance – Axele Help Center  to know more about Preventative Maintenance of Tractors.


You can reset all the filters by clicking on "Reset All" feature and sort your Tractors by either tractor numbers or status using "Sort By" feature as shown below.


You can also export all your Tractors to Excel using "Export to Excel" feature as shown below.