Splitting a Load


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    1. Overview
    2. Steps to Split a Load
    3. Invoice Only (IO) Load
    4. Dispatch Only (DO) Load


Using the split feature, you can create multiple dispatches for a load. This is helpful if two different drivers will be used to complete the load. For example, an intermodal load must go to your yard before it continues to the final destination, or your driver breaks down and another driver must take over. There are many use cases. Let us know how this helps your operation!

You can split a load that is Available/Planned, Assigned, or In Progress.

When a load with two stops is split, there are three loads created within Axele from that original load:

  1. Invoice only (IO) load: The information from the original load is used to create the invoice for your customer (the invoice will not mention anything pertaining to the split)
  2. Dispatch only (DO) load: From pickup to the connection point for Driver 1
  3. Dispatch only (DO) load: From connection point to drop off for Driver 2

There can be more than two DO loads if the original load has more than two stops.
Customers will not see anything about a split on the invoice, and Drivers will only see their segments.

Steps to Split a Load

Follow the steps below to split a load and create multiple dispatches.

  1. Go to Operations > Loads > select the load to be split (or select the load from the Driver Dispatches Gantt chart)
  2. On the load details page, click the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen, then click Split (see Image 1 below)
  3. If the load has more than two stops, select the Leg to Split
  4. Enter the Connection Point details, such as selecting the Business Name from your list of locations, and/or adding an address within the Search Location field (Tip: Add your yard(s) and common connection points to Axele (Customers > Locations) to quickly select them here)
  5. Update the Pickup to Connection Point details as needed (Note: If a Terminal or Driver was associated with the original load, the same Terminal and Driver will be automatically associated with this segment)
  6. Update the Connection Point to Drop Off details (Note: You are free to select a different terminal or leave the Driver field empty)
  7. Click Save

The Revenue Share is based on the mileage of each driver’s segment.


Image 1

Once the load is split, three loads with the same Load ID are created: one Invoice Only (IO) load, and two Dispatch Only (DO) loads. Each one is discussed below.

Invoice Only (IO) Load

Here are some important points related to Invoice Only (IO) loads:

  1. These loads can be found on the Loads page (Operations > Loads) with an IO icon located to the left of the load (see Image 2 below)
  2. Drivers cannot be assigned because this load is used to create the invoice for your customer
  3. The actions you can perform are Complete, Duplicate, Cancel, or Delete (see Image 3 below)
  4. Once the load is Completed, an invoice is generated, allowing you to email the invoice to your customer from the Financials tab (see Image 4 below) (Use the icons here to Edit, Download, and Preview the invoice as well)
  5. Driver settlements are created from Dispatch Only (DO) loads

undefined-Apr-28-2022-09-29-41-44-PM-1Image 2

undefined-Apr-28-2022-09-29-41-65-PM-1Image 3

undefined-Apr-28-2022-09-29-42-87-PM-1Image 4

Dispatch Only (DO) Load

Here are some important points related to Dispatch Only (DO) loads:

  1. These loads can be found on the Loads page (Operations > Loads) with a DO icon located to the left of the load (see Image 5 below)
  2. Drivers can be assigned to DO loads (the invoice is generated from the IO load)
  3. You can add revenue to a DO load within the Financials tab, but remember that these loads cannot be invoice (see Image 6 below)
  4. You can create driver settlements from these loads and send the settlement reports to your driver (learn more about driver settlements here: Driver Settlement – Axele Help Center)

undefined-Apr-28-2022-09-29-41-24-PM-1Image 5

undefined-Apr-28-2022-09-29-44-46-PM-1Image 6