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    1. Create Location

    2. Actions performed on Locations

        2.1 Edit Locations

        2.2 Add new Contacts

        2.3 Switch Locations

        2.4 Remove Location

        2.5 Filter Locations

Create Location

You can add your business locations to Axele from the Quick Setup Guide section by importing the location's data.

You can also import the data within the Customers > Locations section by clicking on the ‘Import Locations’ button.


These Locations will be used while creating a load during Pick-up, Drop-off or adding additional stops.

To add a location manually, go to Customers > Locations > Create New Location


You can search the Location by entering Address/Zip Code/City of the Business Location based on which details like City, State, Zip will be auto-filled.

Business Name, Location Address, City and State are mandatory


By default, the contact details entered while creating a location will be considered as Primary. However, you can add multiple contacts by clicking "Add Contact" feature.


Once the new contact is added, you can select it as primary or the contact can be deleted by selecting trash symbol as shown below.


Average Handling Time is mandatory and by default, it is set to 02h 00m(Two Hours), you can change the same by clicking on the clock symbol as shown below.


You can also write notes related to Business Location as shown below. 


Actions performed on Locations

Edit Locations

Once the customers are created, you can edit the customer by clicking the respective customer and then on the "Edit Customer" feature.


Add New Contacts

You can add a new contact by clicking "Add Contact" as shown below.


You can select the contact as Primary by selecting "Primary" feature as shown below.


You can also Edit or Delete Contacts by clicking the Pencil or Waste Bin icon respectively.


You can only edit primary contact, you cannot delete it.

Switch Locations

You can switch to other customers by clicking on the "Switch Customer" feature as shown below.

Remove Location

If a location is referred in any Load then the remove location feature is not available till the load is deleted or location is removed from the load.

You can only find "Remove Location" option to those customers who qualify the above criteria.

You can select "Remove Location" to remove the location from the list as shown below.

Filter Locations

You can filter the locations by selecting the Filter Tunnel as shown below.

Filters can be applied for Business Name, City/State and Contact Name, you can choose "Clear All" to clear all the filters.


In the Location List view, you can choose which column to show or hide by selecting Column titles as shown below.


You can also export all your Locations to Excel using "Export to Excel" feature.