Advance Reports


In this article

    1. Overview

    2. Create Advance Reports

        2.1 Choose type of Load

        2.2 Choose Report Criteria

        2.3 Choose Report Columns

    3. View/Edit Reports


This section provides a Comprehensive Load Report depending on the status of Loads and filters on entities like Pick up, Drop-off, Driver, Customer, Tractor, or Trailer.

Unlike Basic Reports, you can choose the status of Load in Advance Reports.

Create Advance Reports

To create Advance Reports, please go to Reporting> Advance Reports> Click on “Create Report> Click on “Load”

Choose Type of Load

Select the status of the Load in the next step

Choose Report Criteria

You can choose one or more of the following entities in this step.

  • Pickup from, Pickup To
  • Drop-off from, Drop-off to
  • Driver
  • Customer
  • Tractor
  • Trailer

Please select “Invoiceable Loads only” as shown above if you want to extract details of Invoiceable Loads.

Choose Report Columns

You have the option to choose one or more of the 47 fields as columns of the report as shown in the below figure

Choose Select all option if you want to choose all the fields. If you do not select any field, the report extracts the details of all the fields.

Click the “Create & Export” button in the bottom right of the screen to extract “Comprehensive Load Report” in an Excel file.

View/Edit Reports

You can find all the reports extracted in the list view of Advance Reports (Reporting> Advance Reports).

Click on the gear icon in the extreme right of the reports to view/edit the reports as shown below.

You can sort the reports based on the time at which they are generated by clicking the “Created On” column as shown above.