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Accounting > Account Summary


The Account Summary section gives an overview of all your income and expenses in one view. View each category by Terminal (if applicable), Description, and Sub-total. You can also filter the data by year, allowing you to analyze your income and expenses for that given year.

Categories can be duplicated if they apply to multiple Terminals. Learn more about our Terminal Module here: Terminal Module – Axele Help Center.


Income Section

The income section gives an aggregated view of all your income categories by revenue item and terminal (if applicable).


Clicking the Income Category filter allows you to select one or more categories to show on the page.


Clicking on an income category will take you to the Income Details page, allowing you to view all the income items within that category.


Within the Income Details page, you can see the Payment Date, Invoice #, Customer, and Amount associated with each income item associated with the selected category and terminal (if applicable). Clicking a hyperlink will take you to that invoice or customer.


Expense Section

Any expense in Axele (including driver settlement expenses) can be mapped with one of the expense categories defined in Axele. We have a wide range of expense categories defined to label different kinds of expenses within your organization.

The expense section aggregates all your expenses by category and terminal (if applicable). By default, data for all your expense categories are shown in this section. However, you can also filter the expense categories as shown below.


Clicking on any expense will give you a detailed view of all the transactions associated with that particular category. You can click into a Reference # or Load to further investigate a particular expense.


Here you can see the Expense Date, Reference #, Paid By, Paid To, Payment Mode, Load, Truck, Expense Type, and Amount associated with that category and terminal (if applicable). Clicking a hyperlink will take you to that item within Axele.